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Customers must prepare homes & businesses for power

Published: 2 Apr 2017 9:44am

Ergon Energy urges customers to engage a licensed electrical contractor as soon as possible if their home or business premises’ wiring, switchboard or mains connection has been damaged as a result of Tropical Cyclone Debbie.

Repairs would be necessary to ensure their installation is safe and ready to receive power.

Customer Delivery Manager Mark Biffanti said “While we are working as quickly and safely as possible to ensure power supply is available, customers have a role to ensure their installation is ready to receive power.”

Ergon Energy would repair any service lines that had come down from power poles outside properties.

“It is Ergon Energy’s responsibility to reconnect the service line, but it is the customer’s responsibility to engage a licensed electrical contractor for any electrical repair work on the connection point and wiring,” Mr Biffanti said.

“Most properties that have overhead powerlines have a mains connection on the fascia at the front or side of their home that connects the service wire to the house wiring.

“If the service wire connection to the house has been damaged or pulled away, it must be checked by a licensed electrical contractor before Ergon Energy can restore supply to the home.”

Mr Biffanti said contacting a licensed electrical contractor as soon as possible would also be worthwhile in cases where the service line was down at both the pole and the house.

“In all cases, the licensed electrical contractor should promptly submit a Form A to Ergon Energy once repairs have been carried out to enable power to be reconnected,” he said.

Further updates on Ergon Energy’s Cyclone Debbie restoration can be found at www.ergon.com.au

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