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Customers can be cool and energy efficient

Published: 18 Jan 2017 7:58am

Ergon Energy is urging customers to think about how to be energy efficient as they keep their cool during a predicted heatwave in the days ahead after near-record energy demand on its network last week.

Energy Queensland Chief Operating Officer Roslyn Baker said Ergon Energy’s network load peaked at 2046.9MW last Friday and there was a strong chance that demand in the days ahead would challenge that.

“Ergon’s customers will want to stay cool and comfortable during the heatwave that’s forecast and we know this will increase demand across our network,” Ms Baker said.

“But there are some really simple steps they can take to keep their homes cool and be energy efficient.”

“Clean the filters in your air-conditioner or have them serviced professionally, close windows and curtains and internal doors to help insulate living areas and set air-conditioners to 25 degrees”

Make sure your air-conditioner is set to recirculate so you’re not drawing in much warmer air from the outside and using a lot of electricity to cool it down.”

“Using ceiling or pedestal fans will help distribute cool air to where it’s needed.”

Ms Baker said people should also look at what appliances might be generating heat in their home and minimise their use at the hottest times of the day.

“All electrical appliances generate heat so using ovens and stovetops, computers, televisions, printers and even lighting that isn’t energy efficient will add to the heating load so think about which of these you can do without,” she said.

“They are simple solutions but they work and can keep homes cool in a more efficient way.”

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