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Clean air conditioners for safety and saving

Published: 5 Jan 2015 2:32pm

Keeping air conditioner filters and components clean and properly maintained will ensure they are cheaper to run and could prevent tragedies according to Ergon Energy.

The reminder has come in the wake of two residential unit fires in as many days believed to have started in air conditioners.

"Recent hot and humid conditions across much of the state have seen many people turning to these appliances for relief," an Ergon spokesperson said.

"Like any electrical appliance, maintenance is important to run air conditioners safely and efficiently.

"Most air conditioners have dust filters that can be easily removed and cleaned. Keeping filters clean will mean the machine does not have to work as hard and will also save you money on running costs."

A fire at a unit on the Gold Coast on January 2 is believed to have started in an over-worked air conditioner at the complex.

Meanwhile a unit fire in Central Queensland was reported to have started in an air conditioner the following day.

Ergon recommends following manufacturer's instructions for cleaning air filters and coils on air conditioning units.

"It may also be worth getting a professional in to clean and inspect your air conditioning units if you are unsure of their condition," the spokesperson said.

Clean and properly maintained air conditioners can also save on customer bills according to Ergon.

A moderate sized air conditioning unit (around six kilowatts) run for eight hours each day at a temperature setting of 25 degrees Celsius can cost about $230 per quarter. This same unit running inefficiently with dirty filters at an 18 degree setting for the same number for hours could cost twice as much to run or more according to Ergon.

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