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Calling all Life Support customers

Published: 6 Dec 2016 1:29pm

Regional Queenslanders reliant upon mains powered life support equipment are urged to register or update their contact details with Ergon Energy’s Life Support program.

Chief Operating Officer Roslyn Baker said, it is vital people using approved medical equipment are registered with the program given it is storm and cyclone season.

“Ergon currently has 3,300 registered life support customers. People with confirmed medical conditions using equipment such as home dialysis, oxygen machines and respirators qualify for the program regardless of their electricity retailer.”

“The program assists them with quick and easy access to information about power supply interruptions which could impact their life support equipment. This helps with their decision making to implement their own emergency plan and make alternative arrangements or wait until power is restored,” she said.

Ergon’s Life Support program is especially important for people connected to the NBN.

“Telephone and internet services connected to the NBN won’t work without power unless there is a back-up battery, making it more challenging for people dependent upon life support equipment to communicate.”

“Ergon recognises it has a moral and operational obligation to safeguard the needs of its life support customers where it can, even though there are no requirements for people to register for the program.”

Ms Baker said, factors beyond Ergon's control meant it could not guarantee power supply and people using life support equipment should register for the program.

“We do everything possible to provide a reliable electricity supply, but storms, strong winds, lightning, wildlife strikes, motor vehicle accidents, bushfires and even vandalism can disrupt power,” she said.

“There are still genuinely ill people in our communities who are not registered and I urge them to contact Ergon for more information or visit our web site. And those who are registered, should consider updating their contact details,” she said.

For more information, customers can call Ergon Energy for a brochure on 13 74 66 or visit the website at: https://www.ergon.com.au/network/outages-and-disruptions/life-support-program

Media Contact: Corporate Communications Manager John Fowler
Phone: 0417283713

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