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Well-meaning people jeopardise their safety

Published: 6 Oct 2016 1:22pm

Ergon Energy is warning people to stay away and not to touch fallen powerlines after well-meaning people removed one from a road near Kuranda recently.

Customer Delivery Manager Charlie Casa said crews were disturbed to arrive on site and find a fallen powerline had been bundled up and placed in the gutter.

“We cannot emphasise enough our advice that any fallen powerlines should be assumed to be ‘live’ and dangerous,” Mr Casa said.

“People should not touch them under any circumstances, but stay well clear, warn others and call Triple Zero (000).”

The powerline was not live and people used a piece of timber to roll it up and remove it from the road. A nearby tree cut down by a neighbour, brought the service wire down across the road.

With storm season approaching Mr Casa said people should remember storm safety advice.

That includes:

  • Take care when cleaning up after a storm, as high winds and debris can bring overhead power lines down.
  • Be cautious around fallen branches, debris and water as they could be hiding fallen powerlines.
  • Don’t take chances. If you find something you think might be a power line, always assume it is ‘live’ and dangerous, keep well away, warn others and call Triple Zero (000).
  • Any electrical faults, including brown outs, might be caused by fallen power lines. Always assume fallen powerlines are live. Stay well clear and warn others.
  • Warn children not to play or swim in floodwaters, as there may be unseen ‘live’ and dangerous electrical wiring or fallen power lines in or around the water, which may be hidden by debris.

.More information can be found here.

Media Contact: Corporate Communications Manager John Fowler
Phone: 07 44328730 or 0417283713

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