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Report malfunctioning streetlights - it could save a life

Published: 4 Jul 2017 2:42pm

Reporting broken, damaged or vandalised streetlights will improve public safety and could potentially save lives according to Ergon Energy.

Customer Delivery Manager Charlie Casa said streetlights underpin community safety and ensuring they are working and working properly, is important.

“And more so now that winter is here, daylight hours are shorter and streetlights are coming on earlier. Residents are urged to report any streetlight malfunction or abnormal operation via our web site or by calling 13 10 46,” he said. “This includes lights that are not operating or any that are flickering.”

‘We’ve made it simple to report them online using a quick and easy form which can be found here: www.ergon.com.au/network/outages-and-disruptions/report-faulty-street-lighting.

“Any information provided about malfunctioning streetlights can help us fix the problem sooner. We also urge residents to report any lights that remain on during the day,” he said.

Streetlights are generally owned and operated by local councils or the Department of Main Roads and maintained by Ergon Energy.

A regular inspection and maintenance program, supported by information from the public, helps to keep street lights across Far North Queensland in good working order.

“While we undertake patrols of streetlights in the larger centres, we also rely upon support from the community to report problems or faults.

“By reporting streetlights, public safety at pedestrian crossings and overall community safety is enhanced,” he added.

Street lights are not typically metered and councils pay a fixed annual charge, so ratepayers are not financially disadvantaged when street lights remain on during the day.

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