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Ergon watches and prepares for Gulf cyclone

Published: 16 Mar 2016 2:57pm

Ergon Energy is keeping a watching brief on a developing low pressure system in the Gulf of Carpentaria and has completed preparations in case of electricity network impacts.

With a Bureau of Meteorology Cyclone Warning current for coastal and island communities in the Gulf and part of Cape York and the possibility of gales developing over the next 24 hours, Ergon has advised that people should now be well prepared.

“We currently have more than 20 field staff on standby in Far North Queensland and have completed other preparations in case they are needed,” Customer Delivery Manager Charlie Casa said.

Mr Casa said Ergon had 17 high capacity generators ready to deploy if necessary and had air transport ready to deploy crews into communities where road access may be cut off.

“We are ready, and you should be too,” was the message from Mr Casa.

“As always in these situations, always safe is the first priority – keep away from fallen powerlines and flood waters if weather impacts occur,” he said, “warn others and let Ergon know quickly”.

“If you haven’t already, clean up around your property to reduce the chance of anything being picked up by wind and blown into powerlines.”

Advice on cyclone and storm preparation can be found at www.ergon.com.au

Media Contact: John Fowler
Phone: (07) 4432 8730

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