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Ergon urges - don't tackle with powerlines

Published: 30 Sep 2015 1:52pm

Ergon Energy is urging members of the public not to put their lives at risk when attempting to rescue wildlife which may be in close proximity to powerlines.

“Just call the experts and don’t go near powerlines under any circumstances,” said Customer Delivery Manager Tropical North Charlie Casa.

“While it might seem well intended at the time, attempting any sort of animal rescue or retrieval from powerlines or vegetation close to powerlines is extremely dangerous and could end in tragedy. 

“Living and being injury free is so much more important than not waiting for the professionals to arrive.”

Mr Casa’s comments follow a recent incident where a spanner tied to a line was reportedly used to bring in a flying fox entangled in fishing lines that were draped from high voltage powerlines over the Barron River near a popular fishing spot.

He said the issue of fishing line entanglements over powerlines can also lead to power outages.

Earlier this year Ergon Energy reconfigured the position of overhead powerlines adjacent to a bridge across Redden Creek near Machans Beach – a spot popular with local fishing enthusiasts.

"We have evidence of powerlines clashing in the past - possibly caused by anglers pulling the conductors together after accidentally casting lines over them," Mr Casa said.

Ergon advises people to look up and live. Also to stay well away from powerlines and not touch anything that is in contact with powerlines.

"If you are aware of anything tangled in powerlines, let Ergon know immediately on 13 22 96 and keep yourself and others well away," Mr Casa said.

Media Contact: Michael Hardy
Phone: 07 3851 6326

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