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Dog attack prompts Ergon Energy warning

Published: 13 Jul 2017 11:06am

A savage dog attack at Tully hospitalised a meter reader recently and is a reminder for people to restrain their dogs according to Ergon Energy.

Customer Delivery Manager Charlie Casa said the attack at a rural property occurred after the customer confirmed it was safe to enter the property.

“The incident reinforces the need for people to secure their dogs on meter reading days or when Ergon staff enter their properties - no matter how friendly or accepting of strangers the dog appears to be,” he said.

“There have been twenty nine dog bites on meter readers and ninety seven incidents of aggressive dogs attempting to bite meter readers between January 2016 to 2017. “

“That’s almost eleven incidents a month with some of those requiring first aid or medical treatment.”

“These figures are just for meter reading and do not include other activities that require Ergon crews and contractors to visit customer properties,” he said.

Customers should secure their dogs as meter readers or Ergon staff will not enter a property to read meters or perform other activities if there is a risk to their safety.

“That could lead to an estimated account and the best option is for customers to let us know they have a dog on their premises and or update the details on line at Ergon’s web site or call 13 10 46.”

State legislation placed clear obligations on dog owners to be responsible for their pet’s behaviour.

“While our contract meter readers are generally well-versed in dog behaviour and are generally vigilant around dogs, if they don’t know a dog is on the premises they can find themselves in potentially dangerous situation,” he said.

Customers should be aware of their meter reading date which appears at the bottom of their bill or if their meter is to be read within the next three business, it can be found at Ergon’s web site: https://www.ergon.com.au/network/connections/metering/meter-reading

“Our goal is to work with our customers and communities to reduce or eliminate dog bites and attacks, because it is a risk our meter readers should not have to face,” he said.

Media Contact: Corporate Communications Manager John Fowler
Phone: 44328730 or 0417283713