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Cairns electrician's safe actions "a potential life saver" says Ergon

Published: 27 Apr 2016 4:44pm

Ergon Energy has praised the safe thinking of a local Cairns electrician who put public safety first at the scene of electrical equipment damaged by vandals on Mulgrave Road.

A damaged turret box, (a ground level connection point for underground cables), which appeared to have been deliberately vandalised and left with exposed live wires was spotted by the electrical contractor yesterday on a footpath outside a business along the busy Cairns thoroughfare.

He immediately contacted Ergon Energy to report the damage and stayed at the scene to ensure no one inadvertently came into contact with the exposed wires until an Ergon crew arrived.

“We are very grateful to this electrical contractor for his safe and caring attitude in this situation – he is a credit to his profession,” Ergon Customer Delivery Manager Charlie Casa said.

“The damage to the turret box had exposed 415 volt wiring, a potentially lethal risk – and the electrician’s actions to make sure no one went near it was a potential life saver,” Mr Casa said.

An Ergon crew attended the scene immediately to repair the damage.

“Damaged network equipment – in fact anything that doesn’t look right with electrical wiring of any kind – is something we should all take seriously,” Mr Casa said.

“If you see something wrong with Ergon equipment, keep well away and let us know quickly on 13 22 96. Keep others away from any potential risk just like this electrician did.”

“And remember that any electrical wiring issue in your home that doesn’t look right is a job for your local licenced electrical contractor.”

Ergon Energy has warned that deliberate interference or damage to electricity network equipment carried serious penalties. Any information about such activity should be reported to Ergon Energy or Queensland Police via Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

Media Contact: Mark Timmerman
Phone: (07) 4432 8731

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