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Whitsunday school power saving lights the way

Published: 23 Mar 2016 10:48am

A Whitsunday school is showing the way to the future in more ways than one by swapping old technology for new – and saving thousands on its yearly electricity bill.

The Whitsunday Christian College is one of the latest participants in Ergon Energy’s Cannonvale Demand Management Incentive Program and has already reaped the benefits of replacing 551 fluoro type lights with LEDs.

The College invested $10,500 in changing their existing lighting to high efficiency LED lighting, and was rewarded with a $3580.50 incentive from Ergon for reducing demand on the network during peak times, making it a payback for the College of 2 years.

“We are proud to be doing our bit to help reduce demand on Cannonvale’s electricity network,” Whitsunday Christian College Principal Nathan McDonald said.

“Ultimately the broader community benefits if we can help the electricity network be run more efficiently, but our College also gets an immediate benefit of lower electricity costs and that pays into the future too,” he said.

“Energy efficiency is also an important learning, so students and staff seeing and understanding the benefits of being involved with Ergon’s program make it a great program to be involved with for our school,” Mr McDonald said.

Ergon Wholesale Channels Manager Brian Elmer, who currently oversees the Cannonvale Demand Management Program, said the College would use around 16,000 kilowatt hours less electricity with the lighting upgrade.

“That’s the equivalent of nearly three entire average households’ electricity consumption just by changing the type of lighting used throughout the College,” Mr Elmer said.

“We have also approved incentive payments for other measures at the College to reduce demand and hope to see those implemented in the future too,” he said.

Ergon is offering cashback incentives to both commercial and residential customers in selected areas of Cannonvale and Riordanvale to help reduce peak demand on the electricity network.

The incentive program aims to reduce demand on the local network by 300kVA per year and is more than half way to achieving this annual goal with current participation. Reducing electricity demand in Cannonvale and Riordanvale will help defer costly augmentation of the local network for Ergon – a cost saving that can ultimately reduce pressure on electricity prices.

Customers wanting to know more about this opportunity should contact 1300 977 421 or visit www.ergon.com.au/incentives.

Media Contact: John Fowler
Phone: (07) 4432 8730

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