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Streetlight repairs - pink is the sign that we know

Published: 10 Jul 2017 11:58am

Streetlights in the Whitsundays damaged by Cyclone Debbie and not working are being identified with pink tape to speed up repairs Ergon Energy says.

Customer Delivery Manager Chester Brodie says the tape is being used to identify lights that have already been reported as damaged to avoid doubling up of administration to get them repaired.

“We’re finding customers are calling to report damaged streetlights unaware they’ve already been reported. By using pink tape it tells them we are aware the lights are damaged and there is no need to report them again,” he said.

About two hundred and thirty streetlights in various Whitsunday communities have been identified as needing repairs.

“Our crews are working as quickly as they can to repair them but our parts suppliers can’t meet our demand at the moment.  They are also supplying other utilities and authorities as Cyclone Debbie caused a swathe of damage along the coast and into northern New South Wales.

“Obtaining spare parts for non – standard streetlights such as the decorative period looking streetlights in the Airlie Beach area, is particularly difficult.”

“We’re urging our streetlight suppliers to prioritise our needs and speed up the supply of spare parts as quickly as possible to enable our crews to carry out the work, “he said.

Customers can report damaged streetlights or streetlights that are not working and not identified with pink tape, on line here: https://www.ergon.com.au/network/outages-and-disruptions/report-a-problem/faulty-streetlight

Streetlights are owned by Ergon Energy, the local council or the Department of Main Roads. They are maintained under contract by Ergon Energy.

Media Contact: Corporate Communications Manager John Fowler
Phone: 44328730