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Network upgrade for Cannonvale area

Published: 12 Oct 2016 1:46pm

Multiple crews from across the region are working this week to upgrade the electricity network in the Cannonvale area to maintain and improve the reliability of electricity supply.

New equipment and repairs to equipment at Ergon substations and to powerlines in Cannonvale, Mount Rooper, Shutehaven and the Jubilee Pocket areas are being carried out by 26 field staff from Mackay and Proserpine.

Work on the $330,000 project will finish by Saturday Customer Delivery Manager Chester Brodie said.

“We’re not anticipating interruptions to power supply outside the possibility of weather related events. This work is all about improving reliability of power supply especially as we go into the summer storm season,” he said.

Mr Brodie said crews are working in multiple locations and the project is being undertaken in one “package” of works to have it finished this week before the onset of the summer storm season.

“Crews will install a new 66,000 volt current transformer at Cannonvale Substation, new equipment at Mount Rooper Substation, repair equipment at Shutehaven Substation, replace lightning arresters on the Cannonvale to Jubilee Pocket high voltage transmission line and maintain equipment on the powerline that supplies South Molle Island.”

The network upgrade is an essential aspect to meet the growing demand for power from these communities and importantly improve reliability he said.

“It is critically important for businesses and residents that Ergon Energy does everything in its power to ensure it can meet customers’ demand for power and their expectations of reliability and this project is about ensuring that happens.”

Media Contact: John Fowler
Phone: 0417283713

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