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Ergon/Council partnership sees cycads stand tall

Published: 18 Jun 2015 3:42pm

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A partnership between Ergon Energy and Mackay Regional Council (MRC) has seen 50 Cycas media (Cycads) saved and relocated to the Mackay Regional Botanic Gardens during clearing of a high voltage line route to make way for new customer connection in the Habana area.

Customer Delivery Manager Pioneer Chester Brodie said we didn't want to see these ancient plants lost forever and collaborative effort between all interested parties including Ergon, MRC Departments, Department of Environment and Heritage Protection, the private landowner and the clearing contractor saw them offered to the Mackay Regional Botanic Gardens to expand their cycad collection.

The Cycads which are believed to be over 100 years old fall into the category of plants that would otherwise have been damaged or destroyed. On inspection of the new line site, Ergon's assigned Environmental Officer Caroline Sandral saw an opportunity for the plants to be saved and considered the local Botanic Gardens for relocation.

Acting Curator of the Mackay Regional Botanic Gardens Ross Demuth said Queensland Cycads are often termed ancient plants – food of the dinosaurs. They grow to varying heights dependent on their age.

One such Cycad at the Botanic Gardens is between 700 and 1,000 years old, stands around 5 metres tall and was rescued from a land clearing site about 10 years ago.

"The Botanic Gardens now have more of these protected and special species to add to its "Living Museum" collection and we wish to convey a heartfelt thanks to all involved in this project" he said.

Mr Brodie said Ergon was pleased to be involved in the project to ensure the local community    was able to witness the majestic beauty of these plants now and into the future.

Media Enquiries: Bob Pleash, Corporate Communications Manager on 49327327 or 0419714270.

Media Contact: Bob Pleash, Corporate Communications Manager
Phone: 49327327 or 0419714270

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