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Ergon pushes into Byfield after Marcia

Published: 27 Feb 2015 4:41pm

A week on after the devastating impacts of Cyclone Marcia Ergon Energy has successfully reinstated power to the majority of urban areas around the Rockhampton and Capricorn Coast areas and the focus now turns to getting remaining customers back on around the remote fringes and rebuilding damaged sections of the remote rural network.

Executive General Manager Customer Delivery Peter Billing said the massive restoration effort since Marcia impacted the region last Friday (20/2/15), causing massive destruction and disrupting the community, had seen the majority of the 65,000 affected customers progressively reinstated over a seven day period – a credit to the contingent of almost 900 field staff on the ground and a small army of support staff.

"Our focus now turns to getting remaining customers back on in the rural remote fringes around the region either by restoration of the network where possible or by generation, Mr Billing said.

"To achieve this, a huge high voltage network generation unit known as Pegasus is being installed at Byfield tomorrow to power the community in that area while some 30 kms of the network is rebuilt following the destructive force of Marcia.

A similar unit was installed at Marlborough yesterday to get power back on to northern communities from Marlborough through to Clairview.

Fully deployable within four to six hours, the 1.5MVA (megavolt amp) high voltage injection units have affectionately been called "Pegasus".

"According to Greek mythology, Pegasus was a flying horse that brought thunder and lightning – so we thought it was an apt name for a device that can quickly and efficiently bring power to the network just about anywhere," Mr Billing said.

Pegasus to the rescue!

With the capacity to power a small community, Pegasus units have proven their value after major natural disasters or unforseen network impacts.

Where the power network is not catastrophically damaged, the units can be connected with mobile generators to restore power in emergencies.

"The Pegasus units are able to be transported from around the state and easily trucked to the impacted region," Mr Billing said.

"Pegasus has the ability to deliver faster, safer restoration of power supply after cyclones, floods or other network impacts," Mr Billing said.

"They can be fully remote-controlled and monitored by our central network control rooms – significantly reducing the logistical and safety issues of using generators for temporary restoration."

Media Contact: Bob Pleash, Corporate Communications Manager
Phone: 49327327 or 0419714270

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