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Media contacts

Below are our Ergon Energy contacts for media enquiries. Please contact the staff in your region of interest (JPG 221.9 kb) in the first instance.

If your enquiry is not media-related, please contact Ergon Energy Customer Service for assistance.

Northern Region (includes Cairns, Townsville, Mt Isa and Mackay)

For Northern Region enquiries please contact

John Fowler

Corporate Communications Manager Northern
Business hours: 07 4432 8730
After hours: 0417 283 713
Email: john.fowler@ergon.com.au


Brett Judge

Corporate Communications Manager Retail
Business hours: 07 4432 8144
After hours: 0439 971 765
Email: brett.judge@ergon.com.au

Southern Region (includes Rockhampton, Emerald, Wide Bay and Toowoomba)

For Southern Region enquiries please contact

Rod Rehbein

Corporate Communications Manager Southern
Business hours: 07 4153 9813
After hours: 0407 031 072
Email: rod.rehbein@ergon.com.au


Ty Marega

Corporate Communications Manager Southern
Business hours: 07 3851 6328
After hours: 0408 753 118
Email: tyrone.marega@ergon.com.au

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