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Network feedback

If you think that we've failed to meet any of our standards and you have a complaint or feedback, please let us know and we'll respond quickly to your concerns.

Ergon Energy Network is regional Queensland's electricity distributor. This means we own and operate the electricity supply network including the poles, wires and cables that supply your electricity.

We're responsible for any work required on the supply network side of your connection point. Any work from the connection point on your premises is your responsibility and should always be carried out by a licensed electrical contractor.

Contact Ergon Network for feedback about:

  • Planned and unplanned outages
  • Outage finder
  • Power restoration
  • Claims for loss of power
  • Connections to the network, including solar and batteries
  • Our management of the network
  • Meter reading
  • Safety around our electricity network
  • Damaged powerlines or poles
  • Life Support program
  • Careers at Ergon Network

If your feedback is about another matter, see Retail feedback.

What is a complaint?

A complaint or dispute is an expression of your dissatisfaction in relation to our actions, products, services, staff or the handling of a complaint where you would like a response or resolution.

It does not include general enquiries or requests for our action, such as:

A complaint or dispute may include:

How to make a complaint

You can raise a complaint or dispute with us:

Special assistance

We offer a language interpreter assistance service for customers from diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds and a TTY (teletypewriter) service for hearing impaired customers.

National relay service

If you are deaf or have a hearing or speech impairment, you can contact us through the National Relay Service (NRS). To make a relay call through the NRS all you need to do is:

  1. Contact the NRS via the details on the NRS call numbers webpage
  2. Give the Ergon Energy number you want to call.

For more information, visit the NRS website.

Translating and interpreting service

If you need translating or interpreting services you can phone 13 14 50 and request the Ergon Energy phone number you wish to contact, or make a general enquiry on 1300 655 820.

Can someone else make a complaint on your behalf?

Yes. However, you will need to give written confirmation that you have authorised another person to pursue the complaint so we can be confident that we are not breaching your privacy when we discuss your complaint with them.

The collection and handling of your personal information during the complaints will be done so in accordance with the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth). Please refer to our Privacy Statement webpage.

Our commitment to customers

As part of our commitment to customers, we:

  • Recognise your right to raise concerns about electricity supply or any of our products or services
  • Will attempt to resolve any issues you may have in an effective, respectful and professional manner
  • Will take your feedback into consideration to continually improve how we handle complaints or disputes.

When you have a complaint, we will:

  • Respond quickly and aim to resolve the complaint when it is first raised
  • Keep you informed of the progress of your complaint when it is first raised
  • Let you know you have the right to take complaints to more senior staff in our business, to the Energy and Water Ombudsman Queensland or other appropriate organisations
  • Keep reviewing how we handle complaints to make sure our processes and procedures are effective.

Who does our complaints procedure apply to?

This procedure applies to customers who want to complain, raise a dispute or seek a review in relation to an electricity supply issue or the complaints handling process itself. It applies if you are a small customer and draw your electricity supply from our network.

What is a small customer?

A small customer is one who consumes less than 100 megawatt hours of electricity each year. This generally includes residential customers (i.e. customers who purchase energy principally for personal or household purposes), or a business customer who consumes less than 100 megawatt hours each year.

This procedure applies to any dispute or complaint by a small customer.

Complaint handling process

We will make every effort to resolve your complaint or dispute at the time you raise the issue with us. In some cases it may take longer to resolve the issue.

For complex issues, we may need to refer your complaint or dispute to other sections of our business. For example, we may need to carry out a detailed investigation or install test equipment to verify what is happening.

Information we need to resolve your complaint or dispute

Please provide a telephone number when lodging a complaint in case we need more information to assist with our investigation. Also please indicate the response or resolution you are seeking.

When you can expect to be contacted

Complaints received by telephone, in writing, via our online form or in person will be acknowledged by phone or in writing within two business days from the time the complaint was lodged.

Every effort will be made to achieve a resolution which is satisfactory for both you and us within 10 business days or within a timeframe to which we both agree.

Complaints and dispute resolution procedure

Our complaints and dispute resolution procedure is consistent with Guidelines for complaints management in organisations (AS/NZS 10002-2014) and meets our obligations under the National Energy Retail Law and other relevant rules and obligations.

What if you are not happy with our response?

If you're not happy with our response, you have the right to ask that your complaint be reviewed by our Customer Advocate.

Escalating a dispute to the Energy and Water Ombudsman Queensland

If a complaint is not resolved to your satisfaction, you are entitled to contact the Energy and Water Ombudsman Queensland on 1800 662 837 or by visiting www.ewoq.com.au.

The Energy and Water Ombudsman provides an independent and free dispute resolution service for residential and small business energy customers across Queensland when they have been unable to resolve their concerns directly with their energy retailer.

The Energy and Water Ombudsman expects that the customer has first tried to resolve the complaint with us, prior to raising the matter with the Ombudsman.  See the Energy and Water Ombudsman Queensland complaint resolution flowchart for more information.

More information

For more information about our complaints and disputes process, please read our Complaints Management Policy (PDF 68.2 kb).

Please note: Our Standard Complaint and Dispute Resolution Procedure is for your information and is not a contract.