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Network Customer Advocate

The Office of the Customer Advocate was established in October 2003 with a focus on assisting Ergon Energy realise its vision of becoming 'a high-performance, customer-driven energy business'.

The role of the Customer Advocate is to vigorously and effectively represent the interests of Ergon Energy customers and to play a leading role in customer advocacy within the Australian energy industry.

The Customer Advocate represents customers by:

  • Fostering community awareness of the Customer Advocate's role within Ergon Energy
  • Working with customers and other stakeholders to find better ways of meetings our customers' needs
  • Providing recommendations to Ergon Energy for improving its customer service
  • Helping to ensure Ergon Energy upholds the letter and spirit of its Customer Charters
  • Promoting internal and external understanding of Ergon Energy's complaints resolution process, including the role of the Customer Advocate as an independent arbiter.

The Customer Advocate's role in Ergon Energy's complaints process

In certain circumstances, the Office of the Customer Advocate may become involved with complaints from customers who have been through Ergon Energy's internal complaints resolution process, and where the customer is not satisfied with the outcome.

The Customer Advocate may review an internal decision made by Ergon Energy if a customer has been denied procedural fairness, or if the decision made by Ergon Energy was in accordance with current legislation, policies and practices but has resulted in an outcome that may be unreasonable, unjust, oppressive, or improperly discriminatory in the circumstances.

Contact details

NameMark Muir
OfficeErgon Energy Customer Advocate
AddressPO Box 264
Fortitude Valley QLD 4006
Phone13 74 66
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