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Royal Flying Doctor Service

We've been a proud partner of the Royal Flying Doctor Service (RFDS) in Queensland since 2000. During that time, our customers and employees have donated more than $11 million towards improved emergency and routine medical care facilities throughout the state.

More than 128,000 of our customers and employees currently participate in our partnership donation scheme. They donate either $2 or $5 through their quarterly electricity bills to help support the RFDS.

Every cent of their donation is sent directly to the RFDS to assist with their Aircraft Replacement Program and updating vital medical equipment.

Please help support this vital community service by registering to donate. Simply complete and submit our online registration form and your donation will appear on your next electricity bill. Or you can make a one-off donation by visiting the RFDS website.

Dr Charles Ellis from the RFDS talks about the benefits of our partnership in this short video.


I'm Charles Ellis. I've been a doctor with the Flying Doctor Service for nine years. I love the job because we look after people across the whole of Queensland, we save lives and nationally, every two minutes, somebody is looked after by the Flying Doctor Service.

Every day when I wake up, I have a fair idea of what I might be doing, and then as soon as I think that, I'm proved wrong and get taken somewhere else.

I recall one particular patient who was extremely unwell, she was only six weeks old and she nearly died. We went to the scene and she was having trouble breathing… while we were there she turned blue and completely stopped. She was effectively an intensive care patient. We took her to a larger centre where she was looked after.

She survived and she did really well…and, I saw her grow up from being this six week old baby to an older child and every time I saw her I thought, wow, we are a part of this incredible team that actually was part of helping this girl to survive. It's the most amazing feeling.

The support we get from Ergon Energy customers is crucial. Every year, the equipment that we use is getting smaller, lighter, more sophisticated…it allows us to provide a much better service. Unfortunately, that does cost money.

We need to replace nine of our ageing aircraft over the next four years.  Our Ergon customers who provide donations are a part of our team, people who give small amounts all the way up to those who give large amounts.

It all adds up, and with the number of people who are supporting Ergon, it makes a huge difference to what we can provide and is essentially helping us to save lives across Queensland.

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