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Community Fund terms and conditions

The following terms and conditions apply to grants received from our Community Fund.

  1. The Grant Amount is a one-off grant determined by Ergon Energy Corporation Limited (Ergon Energy) in its sole and absolute discretion and may be partial funding of the application amount. No reasons will be provided for any refusals to make a grant or for the Grant Amount. Ergon Energy's decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into. 
  2. No Grant Amount will be paid until a contract or letter of agreement has been executed by the Grant Recipient and Ergon Energy.
  3. The Grant Recipient must recognise Ergon Energy as the funding source on all project material and publicity using the following acknowledgment: "This project is proudly supported by the Ergon Energy Community Fund".
  4. The Ergon Energy logo must be prominently displayed on all project material.
  5. The use of Ergon Energy's logo and/or corporate information on any promotional materials or media releases must be approved by Ergon Energy prior to production/release.
  6. Ergon Energy reserves the right to publicise funded projects in any manner as it sees fit without the Grant Recipient's prior approval.
  7. The Grant Recipient must keep accurate records of expenditure (and if requested make these available to Ergon Energy for auditing purposes).
  8. The Grant Recipient must submit monthly progress reports to Ergon Energy (template to be provided).
  9. The Grant Recipient must submit a project evaluation report to Ergon Energy within one month of the conclusion of the project (template to be provided).
  10. If the project stalls at any stage and no progress is made for a 3 month period, funding may be terminated with unused funds to be returned to Ergon Energy.
  11. Projects must commence and be completed within 12 months of receipt of the Grant Amount or funding may be terminated with unused funds to be returned to Ergon Energy. Projects which have already been completed prior to the submission of the application are ineligible to enter.
  12. The Grant Amount may only be used for the purposes outlined in the project application unless consent is given for variations and Ergon Energy may require Grant monies expended in any other way to be repaid to it.
  13. Ergon Energy will not cover project costs that can be reimbursed under existing Federal, State, or Local Government rebates (if eligible).
  14. The Grant Amount may be provided in instalments at Ergon Energy's discretion.
  15. Should the total project costs exceed the Grant Amount, Ergon Energy will not be responsible for, nor obliged to pay any monies additional to the notified Grant Amount.
  16. The Grant Recipient must be a government entity or an incorporated, not-for-profit organisation.
  17. The Grant Recipient must have current public liability insurance prior to commencement of project and (if required by law) workers' compensation insurance. Volunteers' insurance is also strongly recommended, if applicable to the Funded Activities.
  18. Ergon Energy accepts no liability in respect of any claim or cause of action arising out of, or in relation to the project and the Grant Recipient must indemnify Ergon Energy for any claim or liability arising out of or in relation to the project.
  19. The Grant Recipient must ensure it is not involved in any conduct or activity that could harm the name or reputation of Ergon Energy.
  20. The Grant Recipient must make its best endeavours to ensure it deals with only reputable and qualified suppliers and partners.
  21. The Grant Recipient must obtain prior permission from the owner of any property or facility that will be affected by the project.
  22. Receiving a grant for a solar PV system in no way confirms or warrants that Ergon Energy will grant its approval for a solar PV system to be installed at premises nominated by the Grant Recipient. The Grant Recipient expressly understands and accepts the grant and is conditional on the Grant Recipient obtaining approval for the installation and connection of the PV system through the normal Ergon Energy process.
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