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Community Fund application form

Applications close 5:00pm Monday 6 April 2020. Late applications or amendments to submitted applications after this time cannot be accepted.

If you have any enquiries about the fund, application requirements, or need help with applying, please contact us on communityfund@ergon.com.au and a member of the team will be in touch.

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Required fields are marked with an asterisk (*).

Organisation/Community Group Details
Briefly describe the core purpose of the organisation and its activities (max 400 characters).
This is required. Individuals wishing to apply should seek sponsorship from an incorporated, not-for-profit organisation.
GST status
Has the organisation received funding from us in the past? If yes, you are still eligible to reapply.

Primary Contact Person Details
This will be our primary method of contact and we want to ensure it is recorded correctly.
Enter the best daytime contact number as a 10 digit number with no spaces, eg. 0738516000

Secondary Contact Person Details
This will be our primary method of contact and we want to ensure it is recorded correctly.
Enter the best daytime contact number as a 10 digit number with no spaces, eg. 0738516000

Project Overview
Project category Please select all categories which apply.
Separate multiple locations with a comma, eg. Maryborough 4650, Hervey Bay 4655.
Project start date Select the anticipated start date.
Project completion date Select the anticipated completion date.
Maximum grant amount is $5000. Please enter the amount with no spaces or commas, eg 5000
Have you received funding from other organisations for the project? If yes, are there any other electricity companies involved and who are they?
Please separate each company name with a comma.
Are you seeking funding for solar PV panels? To be eligible for solar photovoltaic (PV) panels you must currently have no solar PV generation systems installed at the premises (solar hot water, solar pumps and solar air conditioning systems are acceptable).

Project Details - About the Project
Describe the project, detailing the activities involved in its implementation.
Explain the project objectives that benefit the local community it will operate within, eg. improving identity and wellbeing, supporting local economy or bringing a new innovation to life.
Please be sure to provide detail where outcomes are tangible, eg. the expected reduction in energy use or attendance at a community event.
Types of reporting Please select the reporting measures you are able to provide (select all that apply).

Project Details - Community Involvement and Promotion
Is there opportunity for members of the community to be involved in the project either during, or as a result of its completion?
Consider the number of members you communicate with through your normal communication activities, as well as any specific marketing you plan to do.
Tell us why we are a good fit as your preferred partner and explain how your project will allow us to work with you to create greater shared value and make your community a better place.
Do you have any media, social media or events we could participate in, or utilise signage to recognise our contribution? Could our local employees engage with the community you target?
Which of our network regions does your project cover? Where will your project have an impact? Tick all that apply.
If your application is successful, are you willing to attend an Ergon event? These are usually Community Fund events, aimed at celebrating the initiative and its funding recipients.

Project Details - Background
Have you run an initiative or used grant monies before? Have you got the resources and support you need to do it again? Tell us about your experience if so.

People's Choice

Win a bonus $5000!
If your application is successful, your project will be profiled online for the Queensland community to vote for their favourite. The project with the highest number of votes will win $5,000 of extra funding! It can be used to unlock new opportunities in your current project or another side-venture you’ve been working on.

What will it mean to your organisation or project and what will it allow you to achieve if you are the lucky winner of the additional $5000? Maximum 300 characters.
Upload an engaging photo of your project, people or part of the world to increase your chance of votes and to help people better understand who you are and what you do.
Portrait orientation is preferred please.

Supporting Documentation
The file name must match your project name on this application. Only one file can be accepted, please scan multiple documents into one file (max file size 5MB).

Marketing Information
How did you find out about the Community Fund? Please select all that apply.

Applicant's Declaration
Information given declaration
Terms and conditions