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Employee conditions & benefits

The following is a summary of key employment conditions for Ergon Energy employees.

Employment terms and conditions

The terms and conditions of employment at Ergon Energy are contained in the Ergon Energy Union Collective Agreement 2015 (PDF 957.0 kb). This Agreement sets out the benefits and working conditions that reflect the specific needs of our business and enable us to improve our ability to attract and retain employees, at a time when there is significant competition within the energy market for skilled people.

Remuneration, benefits and rewards

We constantly strive to be competitive and flexible in our remuneration, benefits and rewards policies, and procedures.

The policies are designed to be fair to all employees, while still rewarding those who deliver above and beyond expectations. An employee's level of total remuneration, benefits and rewards is generally linked to their performance.

The framework for assessing performance and remuneration, benefits or rewards is transparent, auditable and open providing clear disclosure to Ergon Energy's board, employees and other key stakeholders.

As part of the conditions of the Ergon Energy Union Collective Agreement 2015 (PDF 957.0 kb) Ergon Energy employees receive an annual 3% wage increase for the life of the Agreement.

As part of their employment conditions, employees may also receive:

  • Living Away From Home Allowance (LAFHA)
  • Locality allowance
  • Uniforms and personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • Tools allowance for tradespeople
  • Toolkits (for Apprentices)
  • Course fees and text books (for Apprentices and Technical Trainees).

Full details of the allowances payable to employees can be found in the Ergon Energy Union Collective Agreement 2015 (PDF 957.0 kb).

Work/life balance

To help our people maintain a work/life balance, we offer a number of provisions that enable employees to organise their working arrangements in a flexible way, subject to business needs. These include:

  • The opportunity to work a nine-day fortnight
  • Leave at half pay
  • The ability to purchase additional annual leave
  • Provision of special leave without pay
  • Provision of leave without pay
  • Transition to retirement arrangements
  • Provision of part-time arrangements in relation to parental leave
  • Individual flexibility arrangements.

Full details of the leave entitlements for employees can be found in the Ergon Energy Union Collective Agreement 2015 (PDF 957.0 kb).

Code of conduct

Our Code of Conduct (PDF 130.0 kb) is based on the fundamental principles that all business affairs are conducted legally and ethically, and with strict observance of the highest standards of integrity and propriety. The Code sets out the standard of conduct expected of all employees, along with examples of acceptable and unacceptable behaviour.

We actively encourage our people to report unlawful or unethical behaviour through our confidential service - FairCall - independently provided by KPMG. FairCall provides a channel for employees to report, with complete confidentiality, any suspected fraud, acts of unethical conduct or policy breaches.

Social Media guidelines

Ergon Energy has a Social Media guidelines (PDF 102.3 kb) to help employees balance their right to engage with and enjoy social media with their responsibilities to the company and their colleagues.

Enterprise Agreement 2015

Ergon Energy's commitment to customers, as outlined on page 8 of Sharing our future investment plans with you (PDF 454.3 kb), means putting them at the heart of every decision we make: being safe and responsive, delivering more choice and control, and ensuring network price increases from 2015-20 are below inflation. 

This hinges on our ability to enable an effective market and to deliver efficient service that balances safety, value and productivity.  While we have made some great progress in becoming a more agile organisation, we need a modern, simplified and flexible enterprise agreement to be able to truly deliver for Queensland communities.

The existing agreement is due to nominally expire on 1 March 2018, and Ergon will work with bargaining representatives to shape a new, modern agreement which balances the interests of our employees, and our customers.

Ergon will be seeking a contemporary industrial framework which supports flexibility, creates great value for customers, and genuinely sustainable career paths for Queenslanders. 

We're committed to bargaining in good faith, and being transparent when it comes to keeping our employees informed.

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