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Wondering if we could be the place to start your career or make your next career move to? There’s no better way to find out whether a traineeship could be right for you than to hear what life is like at Ergon Energy from trainees who work here.


Hi I’m Josh Woolfe, I’m a trainee electrical systems designer with Ergon Energy in Townsville.

I chose Ergon Energy because some of my family has worked for them in the past and they’ve only had good things to say about them.

The recruitment process was pretty good, it was very intense, they make sure that they get the best person for the job. There was aptitude testing and working as a group and stuff, but it was interesting, it was a different experience to what I’ve had before.

What I like about the traineeship is that you learn an awful lot, you don’t necessarily have had to have had an electrical background, you get taught everything you need to know for your job and plenty more if you’re eager.

The majority of the training is face-to-face which is excellent because if you do have a drama you can just hold the trainer up and ask them questions at the time.

All the people in my office in Townsville here, most of them have come from the field so they’ve had the same drama with learning computers as what I’ve had, so they’re very understanding that it’s not necessarily an easy process.

Especially coming from a non-electrical background it’s not always easy to understand how things are built or why things happen in a certain way so they’re generally very forthcoming with the knowledge.

Oh there’s massive career opportunities. You can get different licences in the field and the ability to further your skills too if you want to get an associate diploma or whatever you can do that as well.

Once you’re sort of in Ergon it’s very easy to do a lot of other things and you get all the training you need for it of course which is good.


Hi I’m Vanessa Grant, I’m a technical trainee for Ergon Energy. I work for Engineering Services in Townsville, designing substations.

I’m an electrician by trade and I’ve been an electrician now for a few years. Basically when I started my apprenticeship, going to university and doing extra study afterwards was always a goal of mine and Ergon Energy has now given me that opportunity, which is fantastic because it means that I get to work in a role where I’m qualified and study and get further knowledge and experience.

What I like most about my traineeship is I think just the support that Ergon Energy gives you, it’s a bit of a battle trying to balance work, life and uni, but Ergon have systems in place, we have study days, we get time off to study. The financial support as well is fantastic.

They pay for our HECS, they pay for our textbooks, if we need to go to res schools – all that’s covered.

I’m practically-minded so to be able to study something theoretically and then put it into practice is a really good benefit as well.

There’s a huge trainee base, so not only people studying their traineeship but also people who have been through it, so it’s just about people everywhere having done what you’re doing or doing what you’re doing that can help you out. And I think that is basically invaluable to have such resources there.

Even just mentors in the workplace, there’s guys that have been around for years and years and years and just know everything and they’re quite willing to share.

I would like to stay with Ergon because the possibilities are endless and once I finish I just want to explore every single possibility and opportunity that Ergon’s going to throw at me.


I’m Jacob Bruce. I’m a trainee paraprofessional with Ergon Energy. I’m currently working at the Regional Asset Management group in Townsville.

I found the recruitment process at Ergon Energy to be very eye-opening, especially for a 17-year old who was still in grade 12.

I was interested in doing engineering at university but at the same time I was looking forward to getting out of school and actually getting a job, making some money, having a life which the average uni student wouldn’t.

In terms of financial support, Ergon Energy pay for your full university degree that you have to do. I’m doing the Associate Degree in Power Engineering. They pay for all your resources like textbooks and that.

The study element of the traineeship is a very enjoyable experience. They give you that time to make sure you achieve a good standard with that.

You’d think you wouldn’t have much time studying part-time and working full-time, but with the RDO and the extra time that you get to complete your study you find you have enough time to for me be a normal teenager – have fun with my friends and it’s a great work/life balance.

I’d definitely like to continue a job within the Regional Asset Management group.

It’s great learning off people who know exactly what they’re talking about.

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