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Meet our apprentices

Wondering if we could be the place to start your career or make your next career move to? There’s no better way to find out whether an apprenticeship could be right for you than to hear what life is like at Ergon Energy from apprentices who work here.


Hello, my name’s Alexander Romeo. I’m a second-year systems electrician apprentice with Ergon Energy.

I chose Ergon Energy because of the reputation in the community. I thought Ergon would give me the best possible start in life you know. I thought I’d learn a lot more here than what I would at a lot of other places.

I’ve been in metering section, test section, sub-ops and I spent a couple of weeks in field-ops as well. I like the variety of the work you do. Being in different sections you learn a different skills set for each place that you work in. It always helps you in the future for wherever you want to go.

I’ve spent the most time in sub-ops. I do enjoy the work there… the maintenance and that sort of stuff. I’m switching to construction in sub-ops soon so the work there will change. So, I’ll get to see a different side of it.

A typical day at work would be… come in the morning and get together with your crew, discuss the job that’s going on. The crew leader will talk you through it. You might have to prep and get some equipment ready for the job and then basically travel out to the job wherever it is. Do the work, come back to the depot in the afternoon, you’ll generally have a debrief with your crew. Discuss the day’s work and then discuss what tomorrow’s work might be.

I’m still learning every day.. whenever I come to work and, yeah, earning money at the same time. That’s what sort of made me decide on an apprenticeship over going to university.

Whenever you speak to anyone outside of work, they might sort of ask you where you work and if you say Ergon Energy, I’m an apprentice there everyone generally feels you know, that it’s a pretty big achievement.

You’re learning a lot of different skills compared to like a domestic electrician. You know, you might be doing the same thing every day for four years. But, if you get a job with Ergon, you that every day’s going to be something different. You’ll always be learning new things.


My name is Kelsi Dennien. I’m a fourth year apprentice systems electrician in Townsville.

As an apprentice you get to work in just about every section throughout Ergon to gain that experience. I’ve worked in substations, field ops, I'm currently in test section now there’s also metering.

Sub crews probably my favourite there. I love doing the maintenance side of things. It can be challenging there as well but it’s a lot of fun and I love the work that they do there.

I didn’t really want to go to university and I wanted to do some kind of earning and learning. I saw an ad in the paper for Ergon Energy and thought that’d be a good challenge in life. At first being a female it kind of was a big eye-opener – as I went to an all-girls school. But eventually you see that its just like working at any other place and you become good friends with most of the guys.

They still, every now and again, you get the new guy that comes in and thinks that you need help with everything but eventually they get to know you and see that you’re just like everyone else.

As an apprentice you get lots and lots of support from Ergon Energy. If you ever have any questions you can always call anybody really. Especially our apprentice co-ordinator, he’s always on call. You get your tools supplied for you. You have all your text books that you need for study supplied for you as well. They look after us really well.

I kind of look forward to having cyclones because you get to learn a lot more and get out and about and do the hard ops sort of work. I did a lot of work with the tornado that went through Townsville as well. Putting up new services, going around checking for any live cable that might have been falling down or any sort of emergency responses as well.

The biggest challenge I face every day would probably be my strength. When I first began, I wasn’t exactly the world’s strongest person, but that’d probably be the best part about my job, I’ve worked up really good arm muscles.

I love to travel. I’ve just recently got back from a cruise over New Year’s. My cruise went to New Caledonia, Vanuatu for nine nights. We went to a few different islands. Got to meet the locals and travel around all the islands on jet skis. It was lots and lots of fun.

I love playing touch football. I’ve been playing ever since I was a younger kid. When I was younger I made representative sides and it’s my favourite sport. It’s good for fitness and fun.

When I finish my apprenticeship, I definitely want to stay with Ergon Energy. I’d love to further my studies and maybe one day end up a test paraprofessional. But we’ll see what the future brings.

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